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Africa Technology Center of Competence

Realising Africa's vision towards

The Solution: African Technology Center of Competence (ATCC) –
platform for sustainable growth in Africa

Mission: Develop Africa’s own industrial processing and research expertise and capabilities in order to develop, design and build bespoke state of the art technologies for a prosperous and sustainable future on the continent

Key objectives:
  • Promote technologies and industrial development opportunities to key stakeholders such as governments, business leaders and investors
  • Establish strategic partnerships to finance projects and expansions
  • Engineering Center to customise technologies for African requirements
  • Develop and train African expertise to run highly sophisticated industrial plants and industrial complexes
  • Train African Talent and Engineers in industrial processing
  • Technological gateway for local industrial project development, implementation, operation and maintanance
  • Build awareness for sustainable and clean technologies

ATCC - the Incubator to develop, skill and mobilise finance
for Africa‘s industrial processing sector

Design &
  • Customising Technologies and Processes for Africa‘s requirements
  • Global Technology scouting for Africa‘s industrial processing sector
Project Dev. &
Financial Services
  • Opportunity scouting and Project development
  • Public – Private - Partnership Programms
  • Project Finance Services
  • Investment Advisory
Advisory &
  • Technology and Trend Advisory for Key African Stakeholders
  • Intl. Exchange Platform
    • Seminars
    • Conferences
    • Media- Platform
Know How
  • Train African Engineers to global standards
  • Leadership Programms
  • Train the Trainer programms
  • Online Education and Trainings
ATCC will act as the bridge between African industrial processing projects, the European Union and other similar institutions globally in order to access financial support instruments.

The ATCC has solid depth of expertise across industry sectors

Agri Processing


Food Processing


Light Industry Processing


Oil & Gas


Pharma & Healthcare




Clean Technology


Renewable Energy

Thelo Global Limited, a leading African investment and project development company focused in three primary sectors of infrastructure, technology and industrialisation on the African Continent
  • 100% German Company
  • 80% of the Workforce are engineers
  • 30% of the engineers have 15 years + experiences in international projects
  • Worldwide Expertise
  • Project implementation schemes from early Studies up to EPC
MMEC Mannesmann GmbH
Theodorstr. 182 | D-40472 Duesseldorf
Telephone +49 (0)211.6591

Thelo Global Ltd.
Level 3 | Alexander House | 35 Cybercity
Ebene | Mauritius | 77201
Telephone +27 112 90 2300


Thelo MMEC Mannesmann Limited
Level 3, Alexander House, 35 Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius, 77201
Management: Ronnie Ntuli (Chairman)
Tel.: +27 (0) 11 290 2300
Fax.: +27 (0) 866 71 1211
Email: RNtuli@atcc.co.za
Registered with The Corporate and Business Registration Department at Port Louis, Mauritius
Company No. 153710


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